Skydive Auckland


What does tandem skydiving feel like? You would expect to feel like you are falling but you don’t. You have no depth perception over 5,000 feet (look over the edge of a bridge and feel your stomach flip – out of the window of a Jumbo jet at 37,000 feet – it’s just stunning so that’s why going higher is no scarier, just more fun. All the time you are in freefall you just feeling like you are floating on a big cushion of air not that horrible up and down feeling that you get on rollercoasters. With 16,500 feet giving you amazing views of both sides of the North Island it is definitely the preferred option. Don’t worry about screaming – the fact that you are falling at 200 km/ph means your instructor won’t be able to hear a word you are saying! Regardless of what height you jump from your parachute is pulled at 5,000 feet giving you around five minutes to gently float back down to earth. If the conditions are right your Skydive Auckland instructor will let you take the reins – helping steer your parachute back to the drop zone. Unlike your time in freefall you can now have a conversation with your Skydive Auckland Instructor – so be careful what you say!


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